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Tips Before You Start to Design Small Apartment Kitchen Area


The dream of any housewife. With regards to the kitchen in a little apartment on the open space can't talk - Kitchen region of the apartments varies from 4.8 to 6.1 sq.m. The ways to produce a kitchen that is little visually: Use furniture, - Number of furniture a minimum,-. Better - white. Decorating the room neat- Paint the walls in colors. Those are the basic tips. Modern designers provide over 20 ways to make kitchen design the spacious, practical and fashionable. Consider a few of them. More light. The lighting creates a feeling of space, so it's sensible to use artificial and natural light.

Tips Before You Start to Design Small Apartment Kitchen Area

Use soothing colors. The application in the plan of the color's kitchen - boring. Designers urge to do any color - foundation and add a dark or bright accent. Note. Over two colors - not desirable in the apartment design for a kitchen. They should not be much, although decorations and patterns in the design of the kitchen are not prohibited. The decoration ought to be used as an accent - it ought to highlight a detail. Note. Easy, a few patterns and colors - one of the secrets of expansion of the spacious kitchen. Kitchen Textiles choose in accordance with the principles practicality and functionality.

Desirable light colors. Bright curtains, tablecloths - are undesirable. They give the impression of space that is compressed, bring attention. Note. Selecting furniture give the colors up. The kitchen, that is space, will look. Excellent layout output for a small kitchen apartment - translucent and glass elements. Glass fitting in furniture and walls. Working kitchen wall could be paneled skin - they're durable, aesthetic, perfectly adaptable to cleaning, create volume effect. Stretch the space in height. The ceilings are low in a little apartment so you may need a few tricks: Cornice is best not to hang just above this window opening, and a tiny higher.

It's best not to use coarse, massive curtains - suit fabric vertical blinds and roller blinds. What should an interior object should be drawn up? Place the accessories on the wall over each other. If you plan to decorate this wall painting - hang it higher than it's, not in the center of the wall. Don't use massive chandeliers. Visually increase this ceiling chandelier made of glass or crystal. Kitchen accessories also help visually expand this room - for this, use glass, translucent or glass decoration. Decorate just a wall mirror or mirrored panel. You can limit a vase with fruits and restrained bouquet in a vase.

Choose furniture with the secrets with a lot of shelves and drawers - then just a great deal of furniture isn't required. The desire to make a particular style requires - the colors, the furniture, the invoice must adhere to. What're this styles used to create this image of this kitchen in a little apartment? Minimalism - sleek, understated fashion for all those that refused to pomp, luxury in favor of modernity, freedom of room: Furniture - a little, giving more room. A minimum of accessories. The simplicity of shapes and lines. Zoning colors and lighting. Materials - metal plastic, aluminum, glass.